How Artificial Grass is Becoming Popular for Wheelchair Users?


Those who use a wheelchair or have mobility issues, artificial grass has got more demand as they provide various solutions with care needs. These tips will help you to understand the advantages of artificial grass in those homes who use wheelchairs.

1. Check the Pile Height – Pile height is the length of the grass and they usually come in few lengths. The length of the pile height comes in 15mm, 25mm and 30mm. Hence, the more pile height the longer and harder is the grass. 15mm and 25mm are the ones many prefer. But 30mm has more natural looks along with easier to move the wheelchair.

2. You’ll require a good Stitch Rate – Stitch rate is nothing but the number of stiches per square meter (PSM). For a better quality and more durability, the stich rate shouldn’t be less than 15,000 stitches/sqm. Anything below this must be avoided.

3. Consider the Weight –The durability and quality of the grass depends on the weight. More the weight, more heavy duty it is. The total weight of the artificial grass depends on the pile length and stich rate. 1800g/psm is the ideal weight of the grass.

4. Check for Samples and Compare – It is not that simple when you purchase artificial grass. You must order samples of different lengths and see the difference by yourself. This will also give you an idea about how the wheelchair will work.

Many companies of landscape design in Sydney and other parts of Australia are using artificial grass in their landscape designs.