Great Uses For Decorated Sugar Cookies

Certain ages past, cupcakes cam straight back into the baking arena with a vengeance, taking on where usual cakes and baked cooks left something to be desired.

So what's the next big trend in baking? Decorated sugar cookies! Those bastions of regular holiday fare are making a massive resurgence, using a brand-new look and trendier attitude. You can also refer to to buy sugar cookies.

Along with also the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro sells more decorated sugar cookies this year than cakes. They are also ingeniously being used as party favors, for guests to catch on their way out.

Decorated Sugar Cookies On Your Upcoming Gathering

Arranging a birthday occasion? Consider cookies! Other than standard cake and ice cream, your guests are always on the lookout for something exciting and unusual.

How enjoyable would it be to offer customized decorated sugar cookies to every guest, iced within their favorite colors and piped by using their title? Or, make several dozen sugar cookies early on, and give them sufficient time to cool.

At the event, set out bowls of icing and your book of decorator bags, tips, and sprinkles. Your guests will have lots of fun constructing their own decorated sugar cookies!

It is not only for children, either. If you are arranging a holiday open house, decorated sugar cookies offer you a great opportunity to slow down home with a plate full of sugar cookies is a generous gesture instead of some purchased gift.