Best Invisible Dog Fence for Small Yard

Small dogs can be some of the most loving pets you can own. They are so sweet and cuddly, it's no wonder so many of us lose our hearts to them when they become a member of our family. But even small dogs can sometimes be difficult to care for. The vet bills are the same as a bigger dog most of the time. They may cost less to feed, but they still have to be kept safe just like bigger dogs.

One of the hardest things with small dogs is letting them outside. Even when you have a fence installed, they are little escape artists and get get through the smallest hole. If you leave a fence gate cracked a couple of inches, in a second they can be through it and gone!

For a small dog, it does not require as much room to run in a yard as it does for larger dogs, so a smaller yard is ideal. This is one reason why an invisible dog fence can be a great choice. For the amount of coverage you need for a little dog, it can be more affordable to have an invisible fence than it is to put up a chain link or wooden fence. When you have a small dog and a small yard, this type of fence is ideal.

I found the PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence at Doggy Bakery. It works perfectly for my little Pomeranian and my yard. We only needed the 1/3 of an acre that it covers. I can let her outside on her own and know that she will not go past the boundaries we have set for her. She gets her freedom anytime she wants it and I don't have to worry about her escaping the yard at all.