Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Failure

Among the principal source of failure in hydraulic cylinders is seal failure. Buy industrial hydraulic cylinders to avoid urine infection.

Although the price of a hydraulic cylinder seal isn't really large, it can get rather costly for reduction of downtime and production failure once the seal becomes the reason for cylinder failure.

When there's an issue from the cylinder, it's much better to focus on the issues or reasons which are causing the issue of seal failure. The Main Reasons for hydraulic seal failure are as follows:

Once the seal Isn't installed correctly: It's Extremely Important to Take into Account the following points Once the seal is set up:


  • Seal protection against cuts and nicks
  • Perfect lubrication
  • Over tightening of the seal gland. This occurs when during setup there's a fold above a seal lip.
  • Only check if the seal is put upside down. This is a frequent issue.
  • The precaution here would be to be very careful when installing the hydraulic seal

Once the hydraulic system is infected: That is just another principal reason behind hydraulic seal failure. The contamination results from external components such as sand, grit, dust, dirt, ice etc..

There may be pollution from internal issues too like metal chips flow, fluid, hoses as well as other septic system's goods break-down.

Most hydraulic systems are contaminated because of pole retraction. That's the reason why proper setup of a pole wiper or scraper is a fantastic alternative.

The avoidance of internal contamination in hydraulic seal may be carried out by appropriate filtering of fluid system.

You are aware that seal is polluted when you visit scored cylinder and stick bore surfaces, also much of seal and tear etc..