Landforms that Make Fiji Unique


Located in between New Zealand and Hawaii, Fiji is known to be one of the best tropical paradise locations in the world. Made up of around 300+ islands and a population of around 836,000 people, Fiji enjoys a tropical based climate with very little changes throughout the year. During your time in Fiji, one cannot be short of nothing but admiration for this tiny little country. These are some of the landforms that makes Fiji a delight.

  • Islands – More than 300 islands makes-up Fiji. In fact, some of the animal and plant species can only be found in Fiji. VitiLevu is the largest island in Fiji and is home to Suva which is the capital. Maximum population of Fiji lives on this island. All the islands in Fiji have something unusual but yet something bold and different. The waterfalls, Terrain Mountains, rainforests give you that picturesque feeling.
  • Mountains – There are a good number of mountains in Fiji which are mostly in the shape of a cone. The mountains give it a good opportunity to grow different types of plants giving it a magical feeling. The highest mountain in Fiji is the Mount Tomanivi which is also home to mount climbing (a very popular activity in Fiji).
  • Volcanoes – In the earlier times, volcanic eruptions used to occur quite frequently in Fiji. Today, the volcanic eruptions have stopped however; there are thermal activities that can be felt.
  • Coral Reef – Thanks to the beautiful waters of Fiji, witnessing beautiful corals is a joy. The beautiful coral reefs have attracted many scientists and experts to study them on a large scale.

Living in one of the luxury islands in Fiji is an opportunity to witness some of these landforms.