Ways of Wrapping Your Pashmina

There are various ways in which you can wear your pashmina wrap. Some of them are:

Bolero: Wrap your pashmina around your shoulders first with both sides having equal length. Now take both the ends and make a bold knot right above your belly. Let the shawl breath fall naturally over your shoulders.

Another variation of the Bolero is to tie the knot at the back. This offers a shrug like look from front and ideal to quickly cover your shoulders if you're in the church. You can also get Nepal pashmina via http://www.zenpashmina.com/.

You can try this wrap for a dinner date on a chilly winter night or for outings with friends.

Criss-Cross: Wrap your shawl or scarf of pashm around the neck once with equal lengths hanging on both sides. Next, take the left end over to the right, creating a loop like a gap between the left strand and wrapped portion.

Put the right end over the left crossover and through the gap loop. Next, pull it from down and you will see a criss-cross pattern. To add some variation to this look, there's another trendy trick to cover bare shoulders.

Take one end of each loose edge and tie a firm knot, creating a large loop. Now put the loop around your neck and place the knotted end at the back of your shoulders. See how beautifully the threaded ends fall over your bare shoulders.