Talking About Hotel Amenities Suppliers

They are the reason why hotels are still up and running, you know? What is a hotel without any of the things they give you for free upon your stay? Those little soaps and shampoo that you see when you enter the bathroom of your room and the toothpaste that they provide. Sure, you can bring your own stuff but it does not really compare to whatever it is they give you. We should be thankful for their hotel amenities supplier.

How many have you people eve stayed in a hotel? Probably a lot more than we ever had, hmm? Well, it makes sense since we have never stayed in one. But the only reason we even know about any of these amenities is that we have worked in a hotel during an On The Job training back when we were still in school.

Being a housekeeper sucked because we absolutely abhorred cleaning to the highest degree. Why we even took that course is beyond us but at least there is the learning experience to think about. Anyway, their supplier had always been on point because there never was a day that the hotel ran out of stock.

That is when you know that you struck gold. When a supplier that you partnered your hotel with is never late about it, even when it was peak season for the hotel, they never really did run out of the stuff. Guests could immediately get their hands on those things because they are everywhere and if they ask a housekeeper for some, they would be given.

They put them in little containers too, so we would not know which brand they use. Which makes sense if you are not sponsoring that particular brand. Otherwise, if they ARE being sponsored by a brand, then you bet your ass that they are going to make sure you know about it.

They will flaunt that brand all over the place and even have it sewn on the towel you use in their bathrooms. They would sometimes even do little advertisements about it while you are staying there. This could mean that their supplier itself is the brand that they use as their amenity supplies.

It all really depends. But the most important thing to note about when we talk about suppliers is their impeccable timing. They need to be there all the time when they are needed. If not, their schedule when it came to delivering has to be on point all the freaking time. Their timing could mean a good day or a terrible day for everyone in that hotel.

If a guess is asking for more soap because they ran out, then you better give them some. If not, then customer service will be down and their stay could mean that they did not have a good time there. When they leave, they would tell their rich friends never to stay there because the service sucked.

And what would that mean for business on the part of the hotel manager? This was not their fault, it was the supplier. So if you are thinking of partnering with a local supplier, you need to ensure their consistency.