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Food grade DE (diatomaceous earth ) is a normally befalling mineral fusion that is obtained from nanoscopic water shrubs which are petrified. This is an herbal mixture comes from residues of diatoms, an exclusive-celled shrub […]

Regenepure DR shampoo is a hair and scalp treatment for both men and women. It is an answer to baldness, dandruff problems and a reliever for dry, itchy and oily scalp. An organic shampoo, it […]

Have you ever heard of kosher sea salt?  Kosher sea salt is sea salt that is kosher grade.  It is also gourmet food quality, which means that is passes quality checks and standards and can […]

Losing weight is hard. The endless calorie counting. Exhausting exercise. It's no wonder companies invest millions of pounds into researching a magic pill that will make shedding the pounds easy – everyone would buy it.  […]

Children are more susceptible to various skin (and other types) of diseases when compared to adults because their skin is tender and more sensitive. They also enjoy playing in the soil, getting dirty and not […]

If you are pregnant then you must eat carefully for your baby’s sake. It is also revealed by the experts that gaining 20 to 30 pounds during pregnancy is normal. There are many diet tips […]

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